1.     Analyze a typical structure from the “Delta de l’Ebre”: forces, loads, shape, materials. Can you see any bridge?

Beam Bridge: As you can see in the photo, we can appreciate two different materials with which the bridge has been built. These materials are concrete, used for the main structure, and steel which has been used for the railings. The forces applied in this structure are: Bending and compression. The bending force is in the horizontal bar and the compression is in the column, situated in the middle of the horizontal bar, which supports it. The loads are the dead load and the live load.


Bicycles' support : It's formed by a set of triangles made of wood. This last trimester we have studied that these natural structures are the most stable. The forces are compression and tension and the loads; live load and dead load

2.     Parts of a bicycle. Analyze your bicycle: how many plates and pinions have your bicycle? Which is the gear ratio of your bicycle? Do you think that the bicycle is a multiplying or a reduction system? Why?

Z1= 42 teeth
Z2= 20 teeth
Gear ratio= Z1/Z2 = 42/20 = 2,1

It’s a multiplying system because the bikes are always the same.

3.     Draw a Compass Rose, using the Autosketch program. You have the needed instructions hanged on the “Campus Virtual”

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